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ICubed is a National Science Foundation funded project. The project’s mission is to create integration and synergy among the many STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) research and education activities at the University of Central Florida in order to increase the ability of the UCF community to meet the challenges of today’s knowledge-based economy.

The UCF STEAM initiative establishes new collaborations between UCF researchers from different disciplines, informs and entices non-STEM students to become part of a creative process that involves the STEM disciplines, explains, in a hands-on way, to STEM  students how arts can help in effectively communicating STEM research, and assists faculty members from the STEM disciplines in becoming better ambassadors when describing their research to their colleagues from other disciplines, as well as the general public. Furthermore, through this interdisciplinary interaction, students and faculty in the arts and sciences learn from their respective creative and research collaboration.



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